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Main Telephone Numbers
(505) 476-6300 (phone)
(800) 841-6699 (phone)

(505) 216-2000 (video-phone)

(505) 476-6315 (fax)

Mailing Address
New Mexico School for the Deaf
1060 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505


Dr. Ronald J. Stern
(505) 476-6302

Director of Business and Finance
Mark Apodaca
(505) 216-2051 (VP)

Director of the Center for Educational Consultation & Training
Cindy Huff
(505) 476-6400 (Voice)

(505) 216-2007 (VP)

Director of Development & Community Relations

Keri-Lynn McBride

(505) 476-6399 (Voice)
(505) 216-2006 (VP)

Director of Early Intervention & Involvement
Joanne Corwin

(505) 275-5433 (Voice)
(505) 435-9167 (VP)

Director of Human Resources
Ron Ortiz Dinkel
(505) 476-6313 (Voice)

Director of Student Life
Roddy Cabbage
(505) 216-2019 (VP)

Principal - Curriculum & Special Programs
Dr. Jennifer Herbold
(505) 476-6379 (Voice)

(505) 216-2042 (VP)

Principal - Early Childhood/Elementary: Toddlers - Grade 6 (Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces and Santa Fe)
Scott Mohan

(505) 476-6418 (Voice)

(505) 216-2041(VP)

Principal - Grades 7 - 12 (Santa Fe)
Terry Wilding
(505) 476-6379 (Voice)

(505) 216-2026 (VP)

Coordinator of Athletics
Letty Perez
(505) 216-2025 (VP)

Coordinator of Audiology Services

Dr. Sheree Hall

(505) 476-6306 (Voice)

Coordinator of Educational Support to Schools

Priscilla Gutierrez

(505) 476-6400 (Voice)

Coordinator of Interpreting Services

Amanda Lujan

(505) 476-6321 (Voice)

(505) 216-2027 (VP)

Coordinator of Transition Services
Daniel Timlen

(505) 216-2031 (VP)

Coordinator of Transportation Services
Michael Vigil

(505) 476-6352

(505) 570-0410 (Cell)

Security Supervisor

Luis Quinonez

(505) 490-3486 (Voice)

Student Life Supervisor

David Anderson

(505) 216-2020 (VP)

Faculty & Staff Email Directory


ABQ Preschool

Anderson, Pethai Educational Assistant
Anderson, Sally-Ann Assistant Principal
Barela-Pettis, Evelyn Educational Assistant
Collins, Ashley Teacher
Corona, Angela Speech Language Pathologist
Davis, Michael Paul Educational Assistant
Edmonds, Kacee Teacher
Gonzales, Fernando Educational Assistant
Huizar, Heather Educational Assistant
Maturin, Graciela Custodian
Medina, Ashlee Educational Assistant
Miller, Christina Secretary/Office Manager
Miranda, Heidi Teacher
Mohan, Scott Principal
Mohorcich, Dr. Gayle Audiologist
Rutland, Lisa FamilySpecialist/ASL Specialist
Sides, Misty Teacher
Tucker, Haley Teacher


Assessment & Evaluation Services

Longo, David Evaluation Coordinator/ School Psychologist



Perez, Letty Athletic Coordinator
Jacobs, William PE Teacher

Business & Finance
Apodaca, Mark Director of Business & Finance
Gorman, Richard Project Manager
Lucero, Angela Supervisor of Accounting
Padilla, David Accounts Payable Technician
Vigil, Billy Purchasing Agent
Vigil, Judy Accounts Receivable Technician

The Center for Educational Consultation & Training
Coriz, Priscilla Department Secretary
DeBee, Joanne Educational Consultant
Gregg, Leah Educational Consultant
Gutierrez, Priscilla Coordinator of Educational Support to Schools
Huff, Cindy Director of the Center for Educational Consultation & Training
Huff, Kelly Educational Consultant
Joos, Jolee Educational Consultant
Pepper-Jojola, Susan Educational Consultant
Rasmus, Blair

Manager of AmeriCorps Sign Language Program

Central Supply
Gallegos, Benny Jr. Storeroom Specialist II


Deaf Mentor Program

Abrams, Stacy Deaf Mentor Coordinator
Lopez, Joseph III Deaf Mentor
Matthews, Norah Deaf Mentor

Development & Community Relations
Bakker, Hope D/CR Specialist

McBride, Keri-Lynn

Director of Development & Community Relations

Early Intervention & Involvement
Corwin, Joanne Director of Early Intervention & Involvement
Crespin, Lorraine Regional Supervisor of the Parent Infant Child Program - Albuquerque Metro
Dixon, Kate Early Interventionist
Gallegos, Rosemary Early Interventionist
Halus, Kristi Regional Supervisor - North/Northeast
Lambourne, Mary Regional Supervisor - Southwest
Olivas, Belle Department Secretary
Petersen, Bettie Early Interventionist
Prouse, Wendy Huber Regional Supervisor - Northwest
Torres, Ana Regional Supervisor - Southeast

Farmington Preschool
Mohan, Scott Principal
Perez, Mary Helen Teacher
Ward, Dawn Educational Assistant

Food Service
Padilla, Arnold Supervisor

Apodaca, Tony Supervisor

Human Resources & Payroll Department
Encinias, Kathy Receptionist/Secretary
Hernandez, Claudia Dept. Secretary/
Ortiz Dinkel, Ron Human Resources Director
Romero, Velda HR Department Secretary
Sandoval, Elizabeth Payroll/Benefits Coordinator


Information Technology

Loper, Dale Systems Administrator
Montoya, Sam Information Systems Manager
Zefferer, Clemens IT Assistant


(Santa Fe - Early Childhood/Elementary through High School)

Anderson, Laurie Teacher
Archuleta, Brenda

Department Secretary - Early Childhood/Elementary Department:

Toddlers - Grade 6
Berrigan, Diana Teacher
Berrigan, Krystle Teacher
Bono, Suzanne Teacher
Boren-Wilding, Lisa D. Teacher
Burkholder, Kim Teacher
Burton, Briean Library Aide
Catron, Dennis Teacher
Chapman, Angela

Santa Fe ECE

Educational Assistant
Clay-Markowski, Lori Job Coach
Costner, Heather Curriculum Specialist
Dent, Jennifer Educational Assistant
Eaton, Kris Santa Fe ECE Teacher
Erasmus, Megan Student Development Facilitator
Evans, Laurie Educational Assistant
Fry, Elizabeth Teacher
Garcia, Margarita

Santa Fe ECE

Educational Assistant
Gordon, Elizabeth Educational Assistant
Guggenheim, Laurie Teacher
Hand, Gary Teacher
Hand, Kim

Santa Fe ECE Teacher
Hari, Rebecca Teacher
Harrer, Kevin Teacher
Harrison, Nathan Teacher
Hartman, Christine Teacher
Henning, Nadine

Santa Fe ECE

Educational Assistant
Herbold, Jennifer, Dr. Language Planner & Curriculum Coordinator
Huerta, Hilary Educational Assistant
Irons, Maureen, Dr. Director of Instruction
Jarrett, John Teacher
King, Eddie Teacher
Kinnamon, Lilly Educational Assistant
Krohn, Dean Media Teacher
Litchfield, James Teacher
Longo, Abby Teacher
Loper, Shannon

Sub Teacher Coordinator
Lozada, Emma Santa Fe ECE Teacher
Lucero, Lupe

Santa Fe ECE

Educational Assistant
Macias, Pamela Teacher
Martinez, Jackie Elementary Teacher
Mitchem, Crystal Teacher
Mohan, Scott Principal - Early Childhood/Elementary: Toddlers - Grade 6 (Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces and Santa Fe)
Moses, Richie Teacher
Nichols, Carrie Technology Specialist
Novikova, Yana Educational Assistant
Ortega, Lisa Department Secretary to the Language Planner & Curriculum Coordinator
Parker, Andrew Teacher
Parker, Heather Teacher
Perea, Clarissa

Department Secretary -

Middle School & High School Instruction Department and Athletic Department
Rael, Rachel Department Secretary to the Director of Instruction
Reins, Sha Santa Fe ECE Teacher
Roberts, Doris Teacher
Salazar, Vanessa Educational Assistant
Sandoval, Charlene Educational Assistant
Smith, Ursula Library Teacher
Timlen, Cindy Teacher
Timlen, Dan Transition Specialist Coordinator
Vanatta, Bonny Teacher
Vollmar, Scott ASL Specialist
Wilding, Don Job Coach
Wilding, Emilie Elementary Teacher
Wilding, Terry Principal - grades 7 - 12
Yardman, Karen Job Coach Coordinator

Interpreter Department
Lujan, Amanda

Coordinator of Interpreting Services
Forsyth, Kristina Staff Interpreter
Mansilla, Claudia Trilingual Staff Interpreter
Nagle, Julie Staff Interpreter
Obeso, Orlando Trilingual Staff Interpreter
Stavely, Lena Trilingual Staff Interpreter
Thompson, Audrey Trilingual Staff Interpreter

Las Cruces Preschool
Boykin, Kim Teacher
Garza, Gloria Educational Assistant
Mohan, Scott Principal

Atwood, Bill HVAC Technician/
Safety Officer
Benavidez, Leonard Assistant Supervisor
Herrera, Chico Maintenance Specialist
Miera, Ken Maintenance & Grounds Supervisor
Romero, Jose Maintenance Specialist



Herrera, Jody Security Officer
Quinonez, Luis Security Supervisor
Varela, Christopher Security Officer

Student Life
Anderson, David Student Life Supervisor
Anderson, Levi Student Life Educator
Bailey, Jeff Student Life Educator
Bransford, Mary Lynn Student Life Educator
Brewer, Bruce Residential Night Attendant
Cabbage, Roddy Director of Student Life
Clapp, Larissa Student Life Educator
Crespin, Jesse Lead Residential Night Attendant
Curtis, Mitchell Student Life Educator
Dykstra, Mary Student Life Educator
Gutierrez, Leo Student Life Educator
Martinez, Aaron Student Life Educator
Montoya, JoAnn Residential Night Attendant
Olivas, Kimberly Department Secretary for the Student Life Department
Pacheco, JoAnn Residential Night Attendant
Pargas, Marissa Residential Night Attendant
Seaman, Melanie Student Life Educator
Schneider, Maribeth Student Life Educator
Velasquez, Caitlin Student Life Educator

Student Support Services
Abbenante, Josie Art Therapist
Ercolino, Patrick Counselor
Garcia, Michelle Speech Language Pathologist
Hall, Sheree, Dr. Coordinator of Audiology Services
Harrison, Jennifer School Social Worker
Holsapple, Joi Counselor
Lamb, Missy Speech Language Pathologist
Trujillo, Estella Head Nurse
Udkovich-Stern, Hedy Family Specialist
Vigil, Jim Behavior Specialist

Superintendent's Office
Briceño, Dee Ann

Executive Secretary to

the Superintendent
Gallegos, Rosemary Special Projects Coordinator
Dr. Stern, Ronald Superintendent

Theater (JAL)
Sherman, Jack Theater Manager

Crider, Veronica Transportation
Parson, Stephen Transportation
Masso, Vicki Transportation
Vigil, Michael Transportation Coordinator


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