FAQs - Academic Programs

  1. Does it cost anything to attend NMSD?
    No, NMSD is free for residents of the state.

  2. How old does my child need to be before enrolling at NMSD? 18 months of age for preschool – 5 years old for the cottage program(Exceptions are considered on a case by case basis)

  3. Does NMSD follow state standards?
    Yes – NMSD follows all NM State standards, including the Early Learning Guidelines, Common Core State Standards, and other NM standards for specific courses. Click here to view Common Core Standards page.

  4. How do I enroll my child at NMSD?
    Contact the appropriate principal for your child and submit copies of your child’s IEP, Evaluation information, transcripts, and other related documentation.A team will review your child’s records and contact you for follow-up meetings/evaluations as needed. After this review is done, the team will work with you and your home district to set up an IEP meeting to review your child’s placement. Click here for enrollment and IEP information.

  5. Will my child be supervised 24 hours a day when at NMSD?
    Yes, there are supervision protocols in place to supervise each child for the entire time that they are at NMSD- teachers, aides, student life educators, and residential night attendants are scheduled to ensure that your child is supervised at all times when at NMSD.

  6. How do I maintain contact with my child?
    NMSD believes strongly in maintaining/improving connections between children and their parents/families. There are biweekly parent contacts from teachers and student life educators to communicate with parents. NMSD’s students contact parents via Videophone calls as often as they wish. A primary contact teacher and a primary contact student life educator are assigned to each student so that parents have one point of contact for any questions or concerns that they may have. NMSD also has a Family Support Specialist who is available 24/7 to support parents if they need something addressed quickly. Principals and Student Life supervisors are also available to support contact between families and their child at NMSD. Click here to read more about how NMSD supports families.

  7. If I have concerns or questions about my child’s IEP, what do I do?
    Contact your child’s principal or primary contact teacher to request information, a review of your child’s IEP, or to reconvene an IEP meeting to ensure that your child’s needs are being met.

  8. If I have questions about the school or my child’s education, who do I contact?
    The first person to contact would be your child’s primary contact teacher.However, you may also contact NMSD’s Family Support Specialist or your child’s principal.

  9. Can my child go off campus unsupervised?
    During the school day, the campus is closed – students may go off campus accompanied by a staff member. After school, high school students may go off campus in groups of 3 or more during daytime hours. Seniors, as appropriate, are allowed to go off campus independently during daytime hours.

  10. Does NMSD have an anti-bullying program?
    Yes – NMSD believes strongly in supporting appropriate and respectful student interactions with each other. A wide variety of programming to support various anti-bullying efforts, including Steps to Respect, class meetings, biweekly workshops, and other mental health efforts are provided.As necessary, NMSD implements additional trainings and resources to support small group needs as identified by staff.

  11. What services does NMSD provide?
    NMSD provides a wide range of services to support NMSD students in school. Services are based on IEP team recommendations and implemented according to IEP team decisions. Click here to view the Related & Support Services page.

  12. Does NMSD provide speech/spoken language development?
    Yes – NMSD is a bilingual school, supporting students in achievement of the highest possible levels in both American Sign Language and English.  As appropriate, students are given opportunities and support to maintain and/or develop their spoken language skills.
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