K-12 Curriculum


K-12 students with Dr. Herbold NMSD’s rigorous academic program conforms to the New Mexico State Standards as well as the Common Core State Standards and is specifically tailored to suit each student’s Individualized Education Program.

NMSD’s Curriculum Framework:

NMSD’s Curriculum Framework is child-centered with NMSD students as the primary consideration for all instructional planning. The overall instructional philosophy serves as the foundation for developing NMSD’s instructional strategies and plans. There are multiple curricular areas/domains that are integrated throughout the day with the development of Signacy, Literacy and Critical Thinking skills.

NMSD’s curriculum is a standards-based program in which the standards are used to define the end goals for each student. NMSD adheres to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics and utilize the New Mexico State Standards for all other curricular areas. For ASL Language Arts, NMSD has developed standards that are largely based on the Common Core and have incorporated other elements unique to the language. Various curriculum resources are used as tools in which to attain the goals established by the standards.

Blending Individualized Instruction and the Curriculum:

All students have Individualized Education Programs to support students’ progress towards achieving the standards and their goals. Appropriate program resources are used for each student. This includes small group instruction and increased support as needed.

Courses Offered at NMSD:

Depending on students’ current level of functioning, students are placed in classes that maximize each child’s potential. Some students are better suited to classrooms where they learn various life and other basic skills within a self-contained environment. Other students take a more typical repertoire of classes including the following core courses: A minimum of two hours of Language Arts daily, Math, Social Studies and Science.  For more information regarding the resources used to teach the core courses, click here.

In addition to the core courses, NMSD provides a wide variety of classes which include but are not limited to the: Technology & Arts, Deaf Studies, Freshman Skills for Success, Career Exploration & Work Study courses as well as Health, Cooking, Drivers’ Education, Physical Education and Weightlifting. Some special classes are offered occasionally such as Leadership, Gardening and Construction.
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