Student Development

High School Job Prep Program with dogs An integral part of the belief system at the New Mexico School for the Deaf is to ensure development of the whole child - academically, linguistically, and socially. As part of NMSD’s efforts, there is a Student Development Facilitator who is dedicated to providing workshops, trainings, and other educational opportunities to help NMSD’s students grow into well-rounded individuals. This also includes a variety of extracurricular activities as outlined on the Student Organizations & Extracurricular Activities page.

NMSD’s student development program includes biweekly workshops for middle school and high school students.  Weekly/bi-weekly group sessions for new students, middle school girls, middle school boys, and other groups of students are also provided based on need. Those group sessions focus on activities designed to help students develop the necessary social and communication skills for success in school. There are also periodic retreats on weekends for students in order to help them develop leadership and self-awareness skills. 

Raising awareness of multicultural and diversity is an integral part of the NMSD curriculum and students of all ages experience various celebrations, attend workshops and gain an appreciation of various cultures including their own. Learning about diversity is not limited to specific holidays and workshops but teachers and other support service providers are also expected to incorporate learning about various cultures within their own curricula.

The Student Development Facilitator also oversees NMSD’s anti-bullying efforts. The facilitator works with teachers and other support service providers from Elementary through High School to provide programming and curricular supports to help students become respectful and inclusive individuals. 

Additionally, the Student Development Facilitator also supports students in seeking out additional educational and developmental opportunities during the summer. Many students attend summer camps, educational programs, and other enrichment activities in New Mexico and in other states. With support, NMSD students can participate in fundraising activities to raise funds for those summer enrichment experiences.

For more information regarding supports that NMSD’s Student Development Facilitator provides, contact the Middle School/High School Principal.

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