FAQs - Early Intervention Programs

  1. Do you serve children who have a mild, moderate, or unilateral hearing loss (hard of hearing) or just children who are profoundly deaf?

    The PIC and DM Programs serve any child, birth to 6, who has any degree or configuration of hearing loss or is going through the diagnostic/identification process.  This includes children who have other developmental concerns in addition to being deaf or hard of hearing.  (Please note:  Although, this excludes children with chronic otitis media/COM/ear infections, consultation services can be provided to agencies serving children with COM.)

  2. Do your services focus only on sign language or are you able to address my child’s need for spoken language as well?

    Services are based on the needs and strengths identified through the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) process.  Our service providers are able to address your child’s auditory, sign language, and spoken language needs.

  3. My child has a cochlear implant (CI).Are you able to provide specialized early intervention services for my child?

    Listening devices such as hearing aids and cochlear implants are resources used by almost all of the children we serve.  Service providers are trained on the current technology and how to help your family create a quality listening environment for your child.  Additionally, we never forget that your child is, first and foremost a child, and not a hearing loss.  Your child’s brain craves language and cognitive stimulation that is best served through play and natural language activities.  We strive to support families in their work to nurture every aspect of their child’s development.

  4. Your services are “statewide”.Does that mean you will come to my home no matter where in New Mexico I live?

    Absolutely!  We provide home visits to children and families in every county and are happy to come to your home at a time convenient for your family.  These services are free of cost to qualifying families.

  5. Can you help me connect with other resources near my home?
    Studies have shown that when families of newly identified children are connected with Deaf adults and with other families whose child is deaf or hard of hearing, their anxiety level is reduced significantly.  We will make every effort to help your family understand and connect with the resources available to them.  These resources may include, but are not limited to:  potential financial assistance, pediatric audiologists and ENTs serving you area, other developmental services, other families whose child is deaf or hard of hearing, and Deaf adults who can act as mentors.  Our services are not meant to replace, but complement, all other services your child receives.
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