Dr. Rebecca “Becky” Anderson and Ms. Corina Gutiérrez

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Rebecca “Becky” Anderson and Ms. Corina Gutiérrez have been selected by the Governor’s office to serve on the NMSD Board of Regents. Dr. Anderson is widely known in our community and has been highly involved since her son Levi started at NMSD in the 1980’s. Dr. Anderson resides on a ranch with her husband and pets in Grants, NM. Ms. Gutiérrez has long been a dedicated alumna who is actively involved with supporting students and attending NMSD events. She also served as the President of the NMSD Alumni Association for many years. 

Dr. Anderson and Ms. Gutiérrez are replacing Mr. Ted Berridge and Mr. Nathan Gomme on the board and we extend our gratitude to both gentlemen for their years of dedicated service to NMSD. Please join the NMSD Community in welcoming our newest Regents.